Ground breaking, Record Breaking, Realm Crossing Innovation....

INSA’s work has been recognised globally for its technical complexity and innovation: in creating GIF-ITI, INSA’s motivation was to create paradoxical artworks: pieces painted on the street that would only be experienced in full via online platforms, moving his murals to another dimension.'

Juxtapoz Magazine

'Renowned GIF-graffiti artist, INSA'

Guardian Arts

'New app GIF-ITI Viewer puts INSA's incredible "offline meets online" creations back on the streets where they belong.'

VICE mag

'Incredible graffiti artist creates world's largest GIF that can be seen from SPACE'

The Mirror

' can imagine how excited we were when we first saw these images by INSA, a "GIF-iti" artist who is updating street art for the meme generation.'